The Essential  Tool For Efficiently Analyzing Public Comments

DOCKETSCOPE™ software transforms public comments analysis for proposed regulations with intuitive, advanced technology. Using simple navigation, a best-practice approach, built-in analytics, and a transparent workflow, DocketScope is essential for efficiently analyzing public comments to support any type of rulemaking.


Automated collection of comments from and processing of duplicate and similar comments gives analysts a head start. An easy, efficient interface makes categorizing, citing, and mapping comments to issues a breeze. With a broad set of capabilities, DocketScope is an all-inclusive, powerful tool for all types of comments analysis that simply works!


In just a few minutes, users experience enhanced comment analysis efficiency using DocketScope. With an attractive, user-friendly interface and well-thought-out design, users can set up projects and move to reviewing comments and attachments, citing text, and mapping citations to an issue outline on a single, intuitive page. DocketScope takes the friction out of the process and makes it easy to review complex comments and to address high-volume form letter campaigns.


With the whole team working in DocketScope, all the data on the project is collected and organized automatically, behind the scenes. A real-time dashboard of project metrics provides the latest data on progress, assignments, and findings with no additional effort, minimizing disruptions while giving managers all the information they need. All reports present the most up-to-date information without requiring any technical staff.

See through the fog to find the substance

DocketScope allows agency policy staff to effortlessly identify the “relevant matter presented” as required by the Administrative Procedure Act, freeing time for them to focus on considering the issues raised and writing targeted responses to stakeholder comments.

"When a project has thousands, perhaps millions, of comments, quality control is imperative. DocketScope™ makes quality control and quality assurance easy."

Regulatory Policy Counsel

"When I am managing a project, I always immediately know who is working on what, where we are, and what we are finding by using the management tools and dashboards in DocketScope™. We don't get derailed when a mid-project data request comes in from someone senior."

Project Lead

"DocketScope™ makes reviewing even the most complex comments straightforward. I love having all the necessary tools and information on one screen for reviewing substantive comments and mapping text to the topics in my issue outline."


"With DocketScope™, I was able to do in a couple of days what it had taken an attorney weeks to do without DocketScope™. I was probably five times as productive."


"It is easy for me to jump back into a project in DocketScope™ as it shows me exactly where I left off and the comments that have been assigned to me for review."

Technical Subject Matter Expert

"The sooner we can get through the mapping of comments, the sooner we can get to writing our responses to the significant issues. DocketScope™ makes better use of the limited time we have to get the final rule published."

Regulatory Policy Counsel

"Using DocketScope™ is unbelievably easy and intuitive. In less than twenty minutes, I had set up a project, set up an issue outline, and was reviewing comments."

Project Lead
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