DocketScope’s Public Comment Software

DOCKETSCOPE® software is a powerful comments analysis tool built for policy analysts to improve efficiency in conducting regulatory comment analysis for government agencies and organizations. You will see improvements in the ease, quality, and efficiency of your work whether you are dealing with 4 or 5 long, substantive comments or with many hundreds of thousands of comments. DocketScope improves the speed and accuracy of identifying significant issues raised by the public during the comment period. It brings to life The Regulatory Group’s guidance on executing successful comments analysis and facilitates the implementation of best-practice approaches to regulatory comments analysis. DocketScope enhances the value of the agency/stakeholder engagement and helps the agency respond more precisely to feedback from the public.

DocketScope is Used Across the Federal Government

Capable, Flexible

DocketScope includes a range of capabilities tailored to supply everything you need to complete any regulatory comments analysis project. This robust public comment software improves efficiency and workflows for the entire team with built-in tools to track and analyze comment data, manage teams, and provide real-time metrics and reporting.

  • For analysts and others reviewing comments – automatically set up comments to be reviewed, then categorize and cite them with just a few clicks.
  • For project managers of comments analysis projects – make assignments, status updates, quality control, and real-time project metrics available instantly.
  • For policymakers – make comments analysis faster, more accurate, and more consistent, and produce detailed data on every aspect of the process.
  • For agencies – improve the process and product of rulemaking.

DocketScope makes PDF attachments easy to review by creating a version that appears as HTML. This lets you highlight and interact with comment text more easily, smoothing the process of reading and selecting text compared to the native format. The user interface allows for filtering out reports using flexible rules created during the analysis process, while downloading eliminates time-consuming redundancies in accessing comment text, creating more time to review more substantive comments.

Accessible, Intuitive 

Analyze comments more efficiently using DocketScope’s multi-paned comment reading user interface. Review comments and attachments, cite issues raised, and map to an issue outline in a single, intuitive page. Gain easy access to, and effectively manipulate, substantive comments and significant issues even at a large scale. Use DocketScope’s customizable and project-specific categories and tags for flexibility in analyzing commenters and comments.

DocketScope automatically pre-identifies duplicates and clusters of similar comments before you even see a comment, minimizing the time required to address form-letter campaigns and other groups of very similar comments and enabling staff to concentrate on addressing unique content. Effortlessly identify the relevant matter presented, as required by the Administrative Procedure Act, and focus on writing targeted responses to the issues raised rather than sorting through and organizing comments.

Real-time, Clear

A real-time display of project data provides a current snapshot of progress, assignments, and findings without additional manipulation and synchronizes seamlessly with With the multi-paned screen presentation for reading comments, you can review comments and attachments, cite issues raised, and map comments to an issue outline—all in a single, efficient, and intuitive page. Effectively manage data at all stages of the comments analysis process using this streamlined data display.

At a glance, observe the current status of projects from multiple perspectives.

‘What We Are Doing’:
  • number of downloads
  • numbers of comments analyzed
  • comments download & completion history
  • daily completion rate
‘What We Are Finding’:
  • by classification
  • by form letters
  • by substantive
  • by level of support
  • by commenter type

Effective Team Management

As a project manager, employ role-based access, where users can only see and interact with content that aligns with their organizational role, simplifying training and clarifying responsibilities. With DocketScope, create and maintain a complete hierarchical issue outline, allowing you to quickly set up an initial outline at the beginning of a project and revise it as your team’s understanding of the issues changes, without missing a step.

Using DocketScope’s comment clustering feature, automatically group similar comments together to assign to the same team member. This feature improves efficiency and saves time by allowing individual team members to work faster as they address similar material.

Use tagging based on rules you define to refine search parameters and resulting comments, set up tags based on specific phrases or criteria, and organize high-volume comments into groups for efficient assignment and review.

Secure From Input to Output 

Generate on-demand reports containing complete and filtered citations, summaries, and project metrics with a few clicks. Download raw data for external analysis and record retention, confident that the data is secure, covered by encryption from browser to database, and deployed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud.
Client login page screenshot (R)

Friendly, Scalable Pricing

DocketScope is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, so start with what you need today and know you can scale to what you might need tomorrow. With a low monthly cost and no minimum number of users, there is no reason not to use DocketScope for any comments analysis project.